Créme Du Ciel Facial Cream
La Creme du Ciel | Beauty Creams and Lotions | Créme Du Ciel Facial Cream Size: 50 ml

This phenomenal facial cream from Germany will make your face and other skin feel like silk. This "cream of the heavens" applies smoothly. In a short period of time is has been proven to heal blemishes and make your face look and feel younger.

Summary of numerous testimonials in Europe:
The active ingredient Charismon ® has known properties which heal and rejuvinate defective skin deep into the dermis. This miracle cream has shown tremendous effects when applied to cuts, bruises and especially burns. The world-patented Charismon ® acts both analgesic as well as antibiotic. The pain subsides within minutes, infections are practically unheard off. The cream needs to be applied topically up to seven (7) times a day, depending on severity. Scarring is practically always minimized. The cream has even been used in Europe to reduce old scars.

Price: $98.00

Créme Du Ciel Body Lotion
La Creme du Ciel | Beauty Creams and Lotions | Créme Du Ciel Body Lotion Size: 200 ml

The Crème Du Ciel body lotion contains the world patented creative elixir Charismon ®. Apply the lotion in the morning and evening with a thin layer and then massage it into your skin. You will feel the optimal effect of skin care, protection and rejuvenation.

Price: $45.00

Créme Du Ciel Bath & Shower Gel
La Creme du Ciel | Beauty Creams and Lotions | Créme Du Ciel Bath & Shower Gel Size: 250 ml

This bath & shower gel glides on smooth, the smell can simply be described as "beautiful". A shower or bath with Crème Du Ciel bath & shower gel leaves a soothing, yet invigorating feeling. The whole body feels deep-cleansed much as you would expect from a mountain-fed spring bath. As all other skin care products by Crème Du Ciel this product, too contains the world-patented ingredient Charismon ® , known for its rejuvenating properties.

Price: $22.00

Créme Du Ciel Tooth & Gum Paste
La Creme du Ciel | Beauty Creams and Lotions | Créme Du Ciel Tooth & Gum PasteSize: 75 ml

This incredible tooth & gum past from Germany is a unique dental product which cares for the entire mouth, teeth, dental necks, and gums. It works especially well due to the world-patented creative elixir Charismon ®. Bleeding gums, sensitive dental necks, and gingivitis disappear, if applied regularly. Even bad breath, caused by gingivitis or other dental disease, disappears in very short time.

Summary of testimonials from Europe:
Bleeding gums have been shown to subside completely. Lingering, painful gingivitis disappeared. Cancer patients (mouth, tounge, throat) have found relief from constant pain, dryness, infection, and irritation. Even the modern tong piercings, facial piercings, belly button and other piercings are helped trememdously, the potential for infections is diminished and the wounds heal much quicker without discomfort.

Price: $18.00