Créme Du Ciel Facial Cream
La Creme du Ciel | Beauty Creams and Lotions | Créme Du Ciel Facial Cream Size: 50 ml

This phenomenal facial cream from Germany will make your face and other skin feel like silk. This "cream of the heavens" applies smoothly. In a short period of time is has been proven to heal blemishes and make your face look and feel younger.

Summary of numerous testimonials in Europe:
The active ingredient Charismon ® has known properties which heal and rejuvinate defective skin deep into the dermis. This miracle cream has shown tremendous effects when applied to cuts, bruises and especially burns. The world-patented Charismon ® acts both analgesic as well as antibiotic. The pain subsides within minutes, infections are practically unheard off. The cream needs to be applied topically up to seven (7) times a day, depending on severity. Scarring is practically always minimized. The cream has even been used in Europe to reduce old scars.

Price: $98.00