Créme Du Ciel Tooth & Gum Paste
La Creme du Ciel | Beauty Creams and Lotions | Créme Du Ciel Tooth & Gum PasteSize: 75 ml

This incredible tooth & gum past from Germany is a unique dental product which cares for the entire mouth, teeth, dental necks, and gums. It works especially well due to the world-patented creative elixir Charismon ®. Bleeding gums, sensitive dental necks, and gingivitis disappear, if applied regularly. Even bad breath, caused by gingivitis or other dental disease, disappears in very short time.

Summary of testimonials from Europe:
Bleeding gums have been shown to subside completely. Lingering, painful gingivitis disappeared. Cancer patients (mouth, tounge, throat) have found relief from constant pain, dryness, infection, and irritation. Even the modern tong piercings, facial piercings, belly button and other piercings are helped trememdously, the potential for infections is diminished and the wounds heal much quicker without discomfort.

Price: $18.00